Panel Repairs

Old and obsolete panels and breakers cause excessive heat and over time can become a fire hazard. By inspecting and replacing with compliant parts they are made safe for continual operation.


Breaker Panels

When the main panel is up to date but running out of space, a good option is to add a sub-panel. A new location can be a garage or close to the kitchen area for easier home run additions.


Main Panel Upgrades

Upgrades to larger current meter main panel provide not only room for expansion but safer home wiring thanks to new generation breakers and busses. The typical residence would upgrade from 100A to 200A Meter/Main panel.


Shops And Industrial

Adding equipment in a commercial application typically requires dedicated circuits. Troubleshooting, lightning upgrade or outlet add-ons are common tasks we provide.


New Power Points

New receptacles and switch add-ons with minimal damage to the interior are our specialties. Call us and we will carefully examine your situation.


Circuit Additions

Dedicated circuits for new appliance or addition provides safe power - whether you need more outlets or 220V circuits, we got you covered!


Electrical Fault Repairs

Troubleshooting and repair of electrical fixtures and circuits are one of our common tasks. We can help fix unexpected electrical problems and have your power restored quickly.

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